Student Career Services

Good career planning and preparation is essential.  A typical recruitment cycle can start as early as October for certain industries like Accounting.  Therefore, you are advised to start your job search preparation as early as possible.
  • Recruitment talks
A wide range of recruitment talks are held on campus to enable you to familiarize yourself with the procedures in job applications, recruitment processes, company profiles and job information.  The talks are held between September to November and February to March every year. More details on the recruitment talks are available at the Career Centre of our university.
  • Job Search Skills workshop
To facilitate your career planning and equip yourself with the necessary job search skills, a series of business skill enhancement and career training workshops are organised by the Career Centre of HKBU as well as the School of Business  The workshops include presentation skills, CV writing and interview skills, professional image and business etiquette, time management and etc.  You may check the details at the Career Centre. At the programme level, we have invited an investment bank to provide workshop to our students in recent years.
  • Career Advice and Counselling Service
To assist you in planning for your future career and give you a deeper understanding of yourself, the Career Centre of HKBU provides individual career counselling and advising services for students, you can make appointment with the Career Centre.