Alumni Sharing

Miss April Qin Yixin (graduate of 2016-17)

In terms of studying, most of the courses in MSc in Applied Economics are quite practical. I guess I am quite lucky because I have met many attentive and patient professors who are very kind and never hesitate to help students.

For my life at HKBU, I really appreciate that I have met some really good friends. They actually push me to be outreached and become more confident about myself. Never say “Never” without trying it yourself first. One has to look for very opportunities that come along. I have actually joined lots of activities, including gatherings, speeches, hiking trips, social networks, guiding courses of Career Centre and etc. Also, I love outdoor sports and being a foodie with my friends. So we always hunt for food and spent time together. All these experience definitely add color to my daily routine life.


To sum up, HKBU is a place I do love.  I have learned a lot from being part of HKBU, particular those friends I have met at HKBU or other events. It makes my days better and it is the main reason why I stay behind after graduation and work in Hong Kong. Thank you HKBU, all my dear professors and beloved friends.

Miss April Qin Yixin

Miss Elaine Lau (graduate of 2016-17)

My study experience at MSc in Applied Economics at HKBU is definitely one of the defining moments of my life. I’m so glad I made the decision to study here because not only I was able to experience an amazing student life, HKBU also provided me with the opportunity to learn and grow as an individual.

I’m constantly impressed by the career support I used to receive in HKBU and the effort that went into planning with the best intention to prepare students for their careers after graduation. Not only I was able to receive great career advice from one-to-one consultation sessions with the alumni, I was also able to meet many of our successful alumni during alumni networking events. In a nutshell, as long as you are not shy and are willing to take a step forward, HKBU has so much to offer to help you with your career development.

Miss Elaine Lau

Miss Ann An Xuejiao (graduate of 2016-17)

The 3-week oversea field study is an exciting trip. With an expectation of exposing to different cultural, it turns out that what I have achieved is much more than I expect. We not only learn economic and business knowledge from visiting a number of firms of different nature, but also we have attended lectures provided by distinguished business professionals and scholars. More importantly, these activities provide us a platform to conduct after-activity discussion, sharing our feelings and revealing our thoughts/views among team members. Among the attended activities, the lecture about the growth and transformation of Malaysia economy presented by Dr. Ku’ Azam Tuan Lonik is found to be most impressive. The talk enables us to learn what kinds of challenges a country has to face in going through the growth process. Through the visit to Negara Malaysia (the Central Bank of Malaysia), we understand the role of it is to promote monetary and financial stability, and to provide government advice on macroeconomic policies and management of public debt, aiming at providing a conducive environment for sustainable growth of the Malaysia economy. All in all, the field study trip is a valuable experience to students in broadening their horizon and serves an excellent platform for students in identifying problems and mastering skills in providing solutions to the problems. The experience gained strengthens our skills and knowledge that are valuable to our career development after graduation.

Miss Ann An Xuejiao